Buxom Cosmetics

Slaying Social Shopability

The Science Project built a new online flagship for Buxom Cosmetics that is Big, Bold, and Sexy.

INSIGHT The cosmetics marketplace is in the middle of a massive reinvention. Positioning a direct to consumer beauty brand is no longer determining simply how it looks, it is determining how and where it interacts with a customer’s lifestyle.

CHALLENGE The Science Project was asked to build a brand destination that would become Buxom’s largest retail channel and establish its direct to consumer presence. Our goals were reaching new customers, building loyal segments, and of course increase conversion rates and sales.

SOLUTION Together with the great team at Buxom and Shiseido we drove an insights driven strategy that informed design and content. We built a mobile-first eCommerce site for Buxom’s #BandofBabes thats seamlessly inspires and creates a playful and sexy destination for the brand and its community.

IMPACT The new platform provides an exciting mix of interactive content, social integrations, and shoppable product pages. It defined Buxom to a B, and TSP has continued to work with Buxom to consistently optimize the website and ensure that each new addition is as flawless as the last.

Services: Integrated Retail & Web Design, Visual Design, eCommerce Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, User Experience