Free Country

Wholesale to Direct: A Complete Brand Transformation

The Science Project repositioned the Free Country brand and business to capture the heart, mind and freedom of the great American Outdoors.

INSIGHT In an increasingly dynamic marketplace brands must be able to create Direct To Consumer relationships, connecting at every step of the customer journey. Wholesale brands often fail to create emotion and customer context; to succeed, brands must talk directly to each customer, walking them through their individual journeys.

CHALLENGEAs wholesale retail environments continue to struggle brands must reinvent significant parts of their business and brand infrastructure for Direct To Consumer Sales. The Science Project was asked to reinvent the Free Country brand and retail footprint to capitalize on this growing opportunity. Our goals were to reintroduce and launch Free Country to entire new audiences and drive growth in data and purchase on DTC channels.



SOLUTION The Science Project rebranded, repositioned, and rethought Free Country as the attainable direct to consumer outdoor lifestyle brand; encouraging each individual customer to #GetOutThere through an authentic, integrated advertising campaign shared across digital, mobile, and physical spaces.

IMPACT The relaunch of Free Country has created a massive shift in the Free Country business model and brand allowing them to grow new relationships with customers and channels for business.

Our advertising campaign was a strategic study in media strategy, working closely with a partner to understand where our customers were online and off and how we could drive them directly to owned brand destinations and purchase.

Services: Customer, Brand and Retail Insight and Strategy, Brand Strategy, Branding & Identity Design, Campaign Creation and Production, Retail Redesign