Intersect by Lexus

A Luxury Automotive Experience Beyond the Showroom

We partnered with Lexus to help create the singular INTERSECT experience. This experiential and educational space was crafted to reflect and manifest the characteristics of this innovative luxury brand beyond the car buying experience

Experiences that immerse customers into a story and make it their own have an ability to bond a shopper to brand, product, and service in a way that nothing else can.

How can customers experience the craftsmanship, quality, service, and commitment to excellence of the Lexus lifestyle in a way that extends beyond the car buying experience?

The Science Project concepted and designed a variety of key experiences to create impact for Lexus' key brand attributes throughout the space. The team also worked together with noted architects Wonderwall and Gensler to deliver the next generation of the luxury automotive showroom with retail, food and beverage, and an entertainment concept.

SERVICES: Experience + Retail Design, Brand Creation, Technology Innovation, Service Design