We worked closely with The Frye Brand to conceive a new experiential retail platform that optimized actual store physical space and activated the region around it.

INSIGHT A smaller more experiential store can help brands enter expensive new markets, maximize productivity, create better customer experience and link digital with physical in a seamless customer journey.

CHALLENGE FRYE Company asked The Science Project to create an entirely new retail concept designed to inspire shoppers and drive them into the store. How can we fit Frye’s entire product range, concierge service, and seamless checkout into a retail location with less than 1,000 square feet of usable space?

SOLUTION The Science Project lead an ambitious redesign of FRYE’s small square foot retail platform. Using the physical store as an anchor, we redesigned every element of the customer’s interaction with the brand. Leading with FRYE’s heritage and commitment to an outstanding product; we seamlessly, and often invisibly, built cutting edge technology into the store and beyond. While each brand story guides customers journey to acquisition, purchase or an interaction with associates.


Services: Retail Strategy & Software Design, Fixture Fabrication & Installation, Digital Commerce Design