Kardashians + Calvin Klein + Macys Activation: Join the Family


CHALLENGE  How can we create a super-sized moment of engagement design that rises above the fray at Macy's?

INSIGHT  By encouraging selfies, we can make each person part of the Calvin Klein story. By partnering with the biggest celebrity names we can make each individual’s story an unforgettable moment, only at Macy’s. 

SOLUTION  The CalvinKlein #MyFamily campaign was larger than life. The Kardashians & A$AP Rocky made for a super sized celebrity profile. Placing our shoppers into the #MyFamilyMyCalvins story allows customers to relate and become part of the story of the brand.

The Science Project created an activation experience inside of the massive Macy's floor, creating selfie markers so that customers can take life-sized pictures and placing themselves into the brand story. We worked hand in hand with the Macy's & Calvin Klein team to integrate this into a comms plan. In addition to concept, design and production of this campaign we provided Calvin Klein with a plan to measure success.

Services: Experience Design, Retail Strategy, Art Direction, Social Media Strategy