An Iconic Brand’s First Standalone Store

The Legendary Estee Lauder brand, Clinique, was looking for a partner to help build their Direct to Consumer Retail platform for the global next generation of shoppers and a stand alone store of the future to anchor its Asian presence.

INSIGHT Brand vs Retailer has become a tooth and nail fight for survival. To thrive, powerful brands must own their entire platform and speak directly to customers wherever they are. 

CHALLENGE How can a classic legacy brand that previously existed at wholesale, counter and campaign redefine itself for a new generation? 

SOLUTION The Science Project worked hand in hand with a wide ranging operational and creative team for Clinique’s first foray into into an owned DTC retail journey. With a progressive internal team we helped design Clinique’s very first stand alone store launched in Hong Kong.In addition we created an editorial platform The Wink that existed globally as a storytelling platform letting customers understand how this legendary brand was relevant specifically to them.

IMPACT Each interaction with a customer can create retail impact, whether in store or digitally.Clinique, an early mover in the space, was able to reclaim emotional territory and excitement for the brand. These emotional interactions are delivered via The Wink online and in a Physical Store. The Science Project was proud to play an integral role in both, creating lift across this brand’s entire retail platform.

Services: Retail Strategy, Store Design, Content Design, E-Commerce, CRM strategy

“Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city.”

-Le Corbusier