Kate Spade

Creating New Measures of Retail Success 

“Experiential Retail” was birthed in the windows, corners, and borrowed end caps of departments stores; in malls, pop-up space, and on the street. With Kate Spade New York The Science Project looked to reclaim unused space and create new value for stores even before they opened.

INSIGHT Physical stores act as beacons, mobilizing entire regions. Their value is not only measured in productivity/square foot but in their impact online and instore for an entire region. By activating these store “beacons” while still building the physical space, Kate Spade New York would be able to tap into and measure their customers excitement before even opening a store.

CHALLENGE The Kate Spade brand speaks a unique language to its millions of customers; its stores have become epicenters for excitement and brand programming. We asked ourselves; How can we activate each store, using the existing square footage to generate excitement and data collection before it even opens? 

SOLUTION We leveraged the brand’s most exciting new asset in each region -  its new physical store - and built the world’s first interactive digital barricade. Each barricade created a localized dialog to engage and interact with local customers; collecting data and selling product as the store is built out.

IMPACT We measured success based on each barricades regional activation and conversion.  By measuring resonance on social, acquisition, conversion, and return rate in a circumference around each activation, we proved the impact  the store can have as part of digital retail’s footprint.

Services: Retail Creative Direction, CRM Strategy, Experience Creation


“In order to lead a fascinating life one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance; you must surround yourself with precisely those things.”

- Kate Spade