Marc Jacobs Daisy

The Wonderful, Vibrant World of Daisy

The Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance is an undisputed icon, the scent of youthful innocence for millions of young vibrant women. Marc Jacobs and COTY Fragrances wanted us to create a Wonderland for all of its customers
to celebrate the brand and fragrance.

INSIGHT  By encouraging selfies, we can make each person part of the Calvin Klein story. By partnering with the biggest celebrity names
we can make each individuals story an unforgettable moment, only at Macy’s.

CHALLENGE How can we develop a solution that leverages the endemic behaviors of their core customers, on both mobile and social, and make a timeless product feel fresh again?

SOLUTION We created a digital strategy complete with alluring social assets and a physical product designed to open up the wonderful, vibrant World of Daisy to every customer.

IMPACT An image couldn’t accomplish this visceral brand design task, only something truly inventive that could open up this wonderful, vibrant World of Marc Jacobs Daisy. We created a beautifully designed physical camera lens, distributed as a gift with purchase, hacking the behavior around how people use their phones.

Services: Retail Strategy, Art Direction, Social Media Strategy