Redefining Direct to Consumer Retail.

Nike believes in the power of every athlete. The brand inspires, empowers and leads with performance, innovation and an offer of achievement that sets it apart from the pack. 

Nike and The Science Project partnered to innovate, inspire, and unify the brand’s customer experience across all of the brand’s direct to consumer touchpoints.

It’s about every individual athlete’s journey, no matter how big or small. Together with Nike, we explored the brand’s most powerful characteristics and how they fit a customer’s journey. 

The Science Project created a direct to consumer framework that helps this powerful global brand focus on serving the next generation of customers and reshape how consumers experience one of the world's great brands.

Services: Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Packaging Design, Website Design & Development, Content Creation

“We spend a lot time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.”
— Dr. Prabhjot Singh, Director of Systems Design at the Earth Institute