Pat McGrath

The Unstoppable Force Inspirational Beauty

Pat McGrath Labs brand was born out of the highly tuned talent that understands the subtle tints of a complexion, the theatrics of an image, and the finest mill of a foundation’s powder. Pat McGrath built a beauty empire like no other. She asked The Science Project to come in and help her build a new site, a new team and a new digital retail organization.

With more than three quarters of her traffic on their phones, we redesigned key parts of her existing site and digital marketing to drive immediate lift. A redesigned home page, new product pages, a focus on email, and a redefined paid media plan helped to build the foundation of a strong digital practice. 

At the same time we helped launch Skin Fetish,
her new face line made up of a primer, foundation and powder for the entire shade range.

We were also looking ahead and building a completely new digital platform in parallel. We designed a new site that captures the incredible thought, talent and quality behind this brand, helped outline a loyalty program for passionate fans and assisted in building a digital team to support this amazing business.

Look out for this incredible brand and a new site like no other in 2020.

 SERVICES: Retail Strategy, Staffing, E-Commerce Design, Marketing Strategy