Sleep Number - CES

Awakening the Senses

Lights, Sound, Color, Touch...We helped reposition the Sleep Number brand as an emotional, sensual and satisfying restful oasis. Awakening the unseen, pervasive elements that tie us to a brand, we created a world that knows, adjusts and supports.

INSIGHT Its not just how a Brand Looks, its how a Brand Feels for a customer that makes them fall in love.

CHALLENGE Sleep Number came to The Science Project with their brand new sleep science that adjusted its firmness and temperature according to who was sleeping on it, creating truly personalized customer experience. We wondered how we could bring that experience to each and every visitor in a beautiful and innovative experience.

SOLUTION The Science Project created an immersive experience that adjusted light, sound and color according to customer’s temperature and pulse. An award-winning sensory experience, Sleep Number exhibited a responsive environment and the power of personalization to create the ultimate restful oasis.

Services: Experience Design, Creative Direction, Technology Design

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”