Veronica Beard

A Campaign to Reach the Modern Woman

A modern brand campaign is informed by data, inspired by brand, flexible across channels and always drives to conversion. The Science Project partnered with a stand out Veronica Beard team to launch Slash/Series, a campaign that celebrates and inspires the modern American women who do it all, #AndThenSome.

INSIGHT The modern woman has reclaimed femininity, making it her own. They are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, powerful professionals creating impact in every aspect of life. Unafraid to be who they are, they support each other to chase their dreams. Armed with versatile product and a captivating energy, Veronica Beard fuels them to live life in motion, providing them with confidence to pursue endless passions and interests. 

CHALLENGE In a world of access and information, customers are not stopping for anyone, especially brands. In order to make an impact, great brands need to meet each customer where they are, with relevance, inspiration, and ownership. The Science Project asked: How can we be a part of this inspirational lifestyle, igniting the modern American woman, and letting her know Veronica Beard is her brand?

SOLUTION The Slash/Series is a multi-media, content driven campaign published across platforms: social, web, OOH, in-store, and more. Each ‘slash’ highlights a woman of influence, from model Carolyn Murphy to WNBA star Maya Samuelsson, accentuating the sides of their personalities that make each of these multifaceted women unique. Our process began with a blend of targeted data tactics and inspired storytelling. Pairing with media we maximized the effectiveness and lift of the campaign,ensuring each impression reaches the most receptive audience possible.

IMPACT The Science Project created the Slash/Series campaign to expand Veronica Beard’s reach to a  larger audience, introduce new products, and reinforce the value and versatility of the brand. The effectiveness of Slash/Series was measured for success across the customer’s journey for awareness, participation, and ultimately conversion at retail.

Services: Brand Campaign Creative Direction, Integrated Retail & E-Commerce Solutions, Marketing & Advertising Campaigns, Brand Strategy, Branding & Identity Design, Social Media & Content Strategy, Asset Production & Content Creation

“Theres more than life than being a Passenger”

- Amelia Earhart