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Consumer Retail is experiential at its core. No one exemplifies this better than Bloomingdales, one of the originators of the Theater of Retail. It was an honor to be able to work again in New York City during the Holidays with such a legendary brand and destination.


Bloomingdales windows must wow the masses. Nothing less will be “NYC Holiday Scale.”  Its a good thing we are able to create massive experfiences, explosive excitement and simply fun engagement. You know the Challenge; It’s NYC Holidays at Bloomingdales, make it great.


The Science Project worked tirelessly on “All Wrapped Up.” We helped to build the concept for these windows ground up, working cloisely with Bloomingdales and their designers on an entire story. A series of 3 Digital Windows were focused on engagement and fun games so we could drive data collection and give visiotors a chance to collect a gift with purchase. To top it off Idina Menzel sang the Frozen song, which we had never heard before 😉

3 Holiday Poems

There once was a snowman named Ray,

Who dreamed of a tropical bay,

He packed his sunscreen,

And flew to the scene,

But melted as soon as he lay