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Kate Spade Barricades

Do you prefer a date on the beach wearing polka dots and eating pizza? …or perhaps disco dancing in sparkles drinking champagne.

Kate Spade New York wants to know, because this helps them understand what kind of shopper you are.



Often store construction precedes opening by several months, stores are shielded by barricades, generating no excitement, no value and not engaging their community. Kate Spade asked The Science Project to create an exciting program to capitalize on mall storefronts that were still under construction so that they could go to market in each local community, collecting data, establish direct marketing channels and have new conversations with their perspective customers.


This solution was a breakthrough success. Kate Spade Barricades won several awards and set the standard for how to engage a local community even before the store opened. The Science Project worked closely with one of the great teams of all time to concept and build the scalable, transportable barricades as well as complementary social and data strategy. The platform eventually visited 7 stores across the country.


3 Quotes From Kate Spade to its Customers

We could keep going with them, but here are our favorites:

  • She prefers warm welcomes to cold shoulders
  • She is fearlessly clever and cleverly fearless
  • She is the first to give a toast and the last to say goodbye