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The promise of new technologies powering the metaverse is without limit. Visitors are able to interact at scale, with massive marketplaces and unlimited inventory,. There are huge range of creative tools to build incredible experiences for the next generation of interactivity. The Science Project was asked to access and open up this new world of mixed reality and Web3 for an existing brick and mortar business that was struggling with the foot traffic at the beginning of the pandemic.



Early 2020 challenged our entire world. We were often tasked with business transformation and to rethink business models and unlock new opportunities. WeDream was born as a direct response to the vanishing in person foot traffic of the early pandemic to a cannabis specific experiential destination called Cannabition. The Science Project was asked to expand the footprint of this brick and mortar only business to digital so it could access new customers and bring them into a world of creativity, community and wellness. Still this was a business with very little in the way of a technology enterprise and an operational team so began ground up.



The Science Project team created a multi-sensory Augmented Reality platform that could expand their traffic and create a resilient revenue footprint into the digital world while physical traffic suffered. We built out this concept just prior to the metaverse craze to deliver experience and revenue anywhere people were at the time.

This concept became WeDream and was asked to break into markets far beyond its initial cannabis mandate. A very enthusiastic client saw the massive opportunity and asked us to deliver a full business plan, operational team and brand. WeDream launched this summer and is currently recruiting creatives and a vibrant community worldwide.



  • Like my “mp.4 collection” and my iLife the word “Metaverse” will likely dissapear and these new world’s will assililate into our lives. The platforms that excel at understanding customers emotions, behaviors and get traction will win.
  • The infastructure and technology for creation of metaverse experiences are already here and exist in the world of gaming, computer vision, Web3 trabsactions.
  • We wont even know when the metaverse is actually here because it will be be pervasive, invisible and persistent.